Matches your personality

CVGeneratorn helps you to highlight yourself and your motivations. With CVGeneratorn you will be helped to put your particular strengths into words. You get answers to what you are good at and what you are motivated or driven by. CVGeneratorn is an analysis tool which helps you to make a personal description. It is perfect to use when you e.g. are about to write a winning cover letter. It is all about you finding the right job for yourself.

The method that CVGeneratorn uses is based on the DISC theory, which is the most commonly used method in the world for these purposes.

We, the people behind CVGeneratorn, are PulsAnalys AB,, and we have used and developed the tool for over 20 years.

Using the tool is easy and fast. You simply enter via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You pay directly through the website and then you will be linked to the questionnaire. Everything takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

The result can instantly be downloaded in a PDF form.

Learn more about the DISC theory by clicking here.

The result is structured around the following highlights:

  • Personality
  • Urges and motivation factors
  • Special values
  • Communication and objection style
  • Work and management style
  • Needs and things to consider
  • Avoids and dislikes
  • Possible limitations
  • Descriptive words

Easy and fast!